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Today, I turned 32.

For months, I’ve been complaining to almost everyone who will listen about loathing the ambiguity of this stage of my life (sorry almost everyone…try to take solace in knowing you are part of my growing process). While I can’t alleviate the ambiguity, I can certainly stop looking ahead at the tunnel and start focusing on the footsteps right in front of me.

And so here is my Pre-Three-Three list. Thirty-three things I am vowing to work on this coming year; some practical and accomplishable, some unattainable but worthy. I’ll check back once a month to update my progress (see number 23. I need accountability).

Happy Birthday!

  1. Write
  2. Buy a house
  3. Find my career
  4. Get more haircuts
  5. Embrace my creative outlets
  6. Own only things I need or love
  7. Make my own cleaning products
  8. Be confident
  9. Prepare Chase for kindergarten
  10. Unplug
  11. Read
  12. Start a garden
  13. Rediscover faith
  14. Drink more water
  15. Be less annoyed
  16. Talk less/Listen more
  17. Learn new things
  18. Do yoga
  19. Keep my car clean
  20. Convince Keith to get rid of one collection
  21. Pay it forward
  22. Be authentic
  23. Finish things I start
  24. Simplify
  25. Organize
  26. Learn how to cook steak
  27. Stay in touch
  28. Get a tattoo
  29. Bake
  30. Keep up with the baby books
  31. Try Indian food
  32. Wash my face before bed
  33. Sing and dance regularly

When I mentioned (4 years ago) that I was planning on cloth diapering my little bun in the oven, everyone at my shower looked at me with horror. One guest even gave me disposables, “for when I give up.” So let me clarify…

I don’t do pins.

Cloth diapering has come a long way…even in the past 4 years. So take this information as a starting place if you are interested in diving into the world of cloth diapering. I will be back to update it with all the new things I learned for baby #2, but I wanted to accommodate some recent requests for the information and know that I will keep putting it off if I don’t get something posted!


The number of diapers you will need depends on the type of diaper you get (the kind with reusable covers will need less covers, but the same number of inserts) and how often you want to wash. I have 36 diapers, and when little man (LM) was a newborn, washed every 3 days or so (if you figure you change about 12-15 times a day). I think that’s a good number…but you can obviously do with less and wash more often.
It’s a little overwhelming because there are so many options, but hopefully my narrowing will be of benefit! There are obviously a TON of other options out there…so if you are thinking of going with a more expensive but more convenient All-in-one diaper or a less expensive and but less convenient prefold/cover combo I can give you more targeted information in that direction. I just went with my personal preference (which falls in the middle) to get you started!
Also, hubby was definitely hesitant, but he can’t imagine using disposables at this point. We had to on vacation and we both hated it.

General Reviews
Well, I am a Bumgenius user, and so will naturally be biased in this direction. I love the one-sized, because you only have to get, well, one size, as opposed to 3 or 4.  I have velcro (as opposed to snaps), and I like the velcro a lot, but I am going to have to send them out to be refreshed before any potential future babies use them because the velcro is getting ratty. By refreshed, I mean that I will send the diapers to a person who will change out all of the velcro and the elastic for me. Good option, but adds to the cost and can be a pain. Especially if LM is still in diapers at that point…but I digress.
Flips are made by Bumgenius, so I am all for advocating for them as well. These weren’t out when I was searching, or I would have strongly considered this as an option. I like that they can be used with a reusable or disposable insert. Nice feature (especially for a hesitant dad). I also like that the covers are reusable. Less wash = happy mommy. And they are one-sized.
Also a Bumgenius product (are you seeing a trend?).  Likely the least expensive option, unless you go full-out prefold/covers/pins. These, instead of an insert or liner, use regular cloth diapers that need to be folded in thirds before placing into the cover. Not a huge deal, but an extra step!
I use cloth wipes and make my own spray out of water, baby wash, and olive oil. This is clearly a more extreme option.  But putting it out there nonetheless!
Diaper Pail/Bags
I use a Diaper Dekor pail, and can use a cloth diaper pail liner instead of a plastic bag inside (doesn’t do the sausage thing like the diaper genie), so then I can just empty the bag into the washer and wash it all together. Some people just use a trashcan, but I would recommend having some sort of non-sausaging pail intended for diapers. I have 2 bags, so they rotate out. I keep the pail next to the toilet…have never had a stink issue.
I have 3 zipper wetbags for going out (but that many is totally unnessecary…I just liked the pattern). I have a small (1 diaper), medium (3-5 diapers) and large (a whole lot of diapers – good for vacas but that’s about it. But I’ve also used it for wet beach towels/bathing suits so its good for multi-purpose).
Diaper sprayer = Godsend. Not necessary, but I don’t like the idea of super-poopy diapers sitting for a few days, so this is great for me. If you go with liners (see below), you may not need a sprayer – or so they claim. I’m still hesitant about that, but don’t know enough about it. May or may not need if you go with the Flips and use the disposable liners. Probably not.
Flushable liners: Love these. Especially when EVERY diaper is poop early on. Maybe it was just LM, but pre-solid food, every freaking diaper was poop. Probably won’t need if you go with the Flips and use the disposable liners.

And NO PINS 😉 At least for me. Some people love them.

I hate showers. Not the water ones (actually love those…especially when they are child-free); the ones that celebrate milestones.

You are getting married? Great, I want to come watch you open gifts and look surprised even though you registered and therefore know what you are getting.

You are having a baby? Great, I want to come watch you open gifts and look surprised even though you registered and therefore know what you are getting.


That said, showers are a fantastic opportunity to catch up with people I generally just email once a month (from my mobile, one-handed, while nursing.) That is, my best friends.

I had a great time visiting with some of my best-college-ladies, A&M, this weekend at a shower. I would tell you what we talked about….but then I’d have to kill you. The one thing I can disclose is that I promised that I would blog more. Or, let’s be honest, blog at all.

I love to write. And I need to get over my need to plan and be perfect and just WRITE. Like I used to. So here is my promise to myself, as witnessed by best-college-ladies, A&M.

I promise to blog. Whether anyone reads it or not. Whether I offend anyone or not. Whether I have a plan or not. Whether it is perfect or not.



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